who we are

Motivated by women in entrepreneurship, bySio was created with the intention of inspiring others to find the courage to build something of their own. Females who've paved the way for many, like us, continue to set the bar high in this industry. This drives our brand to hopefully do the same for others.
We decided to create scents based on the essence of women who continue to personally inspire us day after day. Take a journey and experience the nature of these women through unforgettable scents.
a note from our founder
"bySio was created while I was working from home and like many of us,  the pandemic forced me to finally take time to work on myself. Once I was laid off from my position working in the hospitality industry, I finally gained the courage to fully focus on building this brand. I've always been inspired by women in entrepreneurship but for many years, I allowed self-doubt to hinder me from achieving my goals.  I created bySio with the intention of inspiring others to believe in themselves and build something of their own. As I've been empowered by the women before me,  I aim to do the same for aspiring entrepreneurs as well."
- Siobhan DeVaughn, Founder of bySio